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JAN Connects the Middle East

JAN Connects the Middle East with the Netherlands en Belgium

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The latest addition to the JAN’ series of events, JAN connects Middle East was created after interest was received from both Middle Eastern suppliers and buyers as well from the Dutch Travel trade to have a tailor made and exclusive event in 2021.

May is the chosen month and it proved to be perfect timing on both sides and looks set to become another annual event.

Let the Netherlands and Belgium know that you are THE BEST !!!

Event in the Netherlands 

Amsterdam: 18.05.2021

Breda: 20.05.2021

We have chosen these dates as it is before high season for the Middle East region will start and we are more aware what will happen in this healing travel year of 2021.

JAN Tourism Connects is an initiative of Jan Tourism Consultancy. We have more than 20 years of experience working with tourism from the Middle East. We represent several DMC's around the world. We are able to assist DMC's, travel companies and other in many ways, either on a project basis or as an 'extra pair of hands' during busy periods.

Work carried out for the companies listed below includes: general day to day sales and marketing; competitor analysis; research; representation at trade and consumer shows; event organisation and co-ordination.

See for more information our company's website: www.jantourism-consultancy.com

The event will be held according to the rules of the Dutch government in relation to the Covid situation.